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Elevated Electrical Contractors serves the entire Denver area, as well as surrounding areas. We offer full service electric maintenance and installation for your residence or commercial needs. Whether you are building a new home and need the wiring setup, are upgrading your electric panels, or are adding new outlets or security lighting, Elevated Electrical Contractors are the experts that can get it done for you quickly and fairly.

If you need an expert electrician in Denver, Elevated Electrical Contractors is the only electrician you should call.

Elevated Electrical Contractors | Denver Electrician

Service & Repair

Excellent Workmanship

We provide expert quality electrical service and repair with stellar customer service for commercial or residential electrical services.

Elevated Electrical Contractors | Denver Electrician

Circuit Diagnosis


Trust Elevated Electrical Contractors to test your electrical panel to diagnose your circuit breaker problems.

Elevated Electrical Contractors | Denver Electrician

Tenant Improvements

Design & Install

Ready to install outdoor landscape lighting? We can design & perform the electrical installation.

About Elevated Electrical Contractors
Denver Electrician

Based in Denver, Colorado, Elevated Electrical Contractors is a professional independent electrical contractor who’s main objective is CUSTOMER SERVICE. We listen to you and we strive to meet any and all expectations of our customers on every job. ELEVATED ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS is a Master Electrician and Electrical Contractor who is insured.

While on the job, ELEVATED ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS, LLC will explain the entire electrical process of any job and will take you though every step possible to ensure a clean, professional, on-time, and reliable electrical service. We are a referral based company and take pride in our customers homes and commercial projects. We go above and beyond today’s industry standards that other electrical companies fail to match.

Employee’s of ELEVATED ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS, LLC follow strict and outlined practices of electrical installation. We have some of the most highly trained and knowledgeable electricians in our nation. Our employees are clean, efficient, and respectful of your home and office. ELEVATED ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS, LLC is your affordable electrician! We are properly insured for our customers protection. We strive for perfection on every job we have and are very cognizant of time frame and budget. We work for YOU, not the other way around.

Give ELEVATED ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS, LLC a chance to prove to you that we are one of the BEST!

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